In a world where everything from gas to groceries costs more, many Americans feel the White House doesn’t see the complete picture. For those few Americans who have recently seen a White House Press briefing, they must be thinking people at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue have their heads in the sand.

White House is saying the economy is improving, but for the average person, the struggle is real. It’s every single day with every decision they make about spending money, and it’s getting even more challenging. Inflation, interest rates, cost of production of goods, energy costs, and economic uncertainty from around the world have led to widespread anxiety and frustration. Even if there are some positive financial reports, they don’t match the reality of higher prices and increasing bills that have been piling up these past few years.

The White House often shares optimistic economic updates such as job growth, but most people understand that there are more jobs now than during the height of the Pandemic.

Put simply, the first step the Biden Administration needs to take is to stop thinking people are stupid and don’t recognize that any job growth today will be better than it was during the middle of a worldwide pandemic that shuttered businesses large and small, caused massive layoffs, restricted people to their homes, and shut down the largest economy in the world.

The reality that people see is that life has become significantly more expensive, making it hard for families to cover the basics. The cost of gas, food, and rent continues to rise, leaving less in people’s pockets. Interest rates are up, making loans and mortgages more expensive.

The current federal and state relief programs feel minimal because the cost of living has soared. Many are still trying to recover from the economic hit of COVID-19, and the current situation isn’t making it any easier. This disconnect between the official statements and people’s experiences is causing a lot of distrust and concern.

2024 is an election year. From a messaging perspective, the American people need more than just positive talk; they need actions that address these challenges. People are looking for the White House to acknowledge the hardships and focus on creating solutions that make a real difference in their lives. They want a plan that tackles the high cost of living and finds ways to make everyday essentials more affordable. Only then will the talks of a recovering and strong economy resonate with the American public. The path forward requires honesty, understanding, and tangible steps to ease the burden many face.

The Biden Administration needs to step up its public relations efforts because people will be reminded every single day what the economy was like from 2017 through 2019 before the Pandemic struck.