After interviewing potential PR firms, you must weigh numerous factors to make sure it is a good fit for both parties. Remember, the right PR firm should operate as an extension of your organization and be aligned with your goals.

Here’s a checklist to help you with your evaluation. 


  • Does the team understand your brand’s ethos?
  • Is there a natural rapport and a collaborative spirit?
  • Are they excited about the project?
  • What does your gut tell you?

Industry Knowledge

  • Does the firm exhibit an understanding of your industry?
  • Does the firm understand your industry sector’s potential challenges and opportunities? As well as opportunities to capitalize on industry shortcomings.
  • Does the firm provide case studies or examples of the expertise you need?


  • Will the team be available and responsive?
  • Do they have the bandwidth? 
  • Do they have a process for ongoing communication with you?

Involvement of Senior Staff

  • Will senior staff be actively involved in your account?
  • Does the senior management bring a wealth of experience to the table?
  • What will junior staff do? Senior?
  • Who is responsible for the program?

Project Management 

  • Will the proposal include a detailed work plan with tasks and a timeline?
  • How will the projects be managed, and by whom?
  • Will there be monthly activity reports?
  • Will there be a system for communicating with one another?

Account Administration

  • Is the firm well-structured and organized in handling accounts?
  • Do they have a track record of successfully managing accounts?
  • What reporting and metrics will be provided?
  • Will there be a monthly budget summary?

Account Reviews

  • Does the firm offer regular account reviews to assess progress?
  • Is there a mechanism in place for feedback and adjustments?


  • Can the firm provide positive references?
  • Can the firm provide past successes?
  • Do the references attest to the firm’s competency and reliability?

Cost & Billing

  • Is everything clearly spelled out?
  • Are expenses detailed?
  • What does the PR firm mark up, if anything?
  • Are the costs in line with your region/market, type of work, scope, and duration of work?